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Student to Student

Bigotry often results from a lack of knowledge and familiarity. As a response, JCRC developed Student to Student (STS), a program striving to reduce stereotypes and prejudice in the students it reaches.  Initially funded in 1992 by a planning grant of the Jewish Federation, Student to Student has reached thousands of students in area schools that lack a Jewish presence. Young people who have had this experience can now put a “human face” to Judaism—the best antidote to bigotry and intolerance.

The Student to Student Program reaches out to area high schools to:

  • impart information
  • foster understanding
  • counter stereotypes

Student to Student participants have made presentations throughout the metropolitan St. Louis region in public schools for world history, speech, journalism, and literature classes; and in faith schools, in conjunction with world religion and Hebrew Scriptures classes.

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