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Israel Teen Advocacy Group (iTag) 
Teens empower teens to advocate on behalf of Israel.

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Have you ever been in a situation where a classmate or teacher made an inaccurate statement about Israel but you didn’t know how to respond? Do you want your friends to know how cool Israel is but you’re not sure how to do that?

iTag empowers teens to take an active role in Israel advocacy efforts and provides them with tools to do so. If you are passionate about Israel, back from a trip to Israel, or would like to learn more about Israel and how to speak up for Israel, join iTag’s facebook group to find out about our upcoming activities.

For more information call (314) 442-3871

Several Members of Steering Committee     iTag members Leah Waxman and
                                                              Daniel Iken give Israel advocacy tips
                                                              to a local youth group


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