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Inter-Community Dialogue

African American / Jewish Dialogue Group

African American / Jewish Task Force
Young Adult African-American Jewish Dialogue Group
Muslim / Jewish Dialogue Group

Muslim / Jewish Teen Dialogue Group
Interfaith Breakfast Dialogue Group
Presbyterian / Jewish Dialogue Group
Shalom Amigos


The JCRC facilitates three African-American/Jewish Dialogue (AA/J) groups: 

African American/Jewish Dialogue Group
The AA/J Dialogue Initiative enables members to learn more about one another as individuals and communities through dialogue and pertinent programming. Recent activities have included a screening of “The Last Survivor,” which profiles a Holocaust survivor and survivors of more recent genocides in Rwanda, the Congo and Sudan, and a meeting with Linda Lockhart, Analyst, Public Insight Network for the St. Louis Beacon. Ms. Lockhart spoke with the group about the “Race, Frankly” series that ran in the Beacon last year.

AA/J Dialogue Group members meet with Linda Lockhart of the St. Louis Beacon (right)

Linda Lockhart with Dialogue Group member Sister Antona Ebo


African American/Jewish Task Force
Co-sponsored with the Urban League, the AA/J Task Force was formed to discuss and act upon issues of concern to both communities.


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