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Become an Advocate
As an individual, YOU can make a difference by becoming an advocate.

Once you have identified an issue of personal interest and concern, the first step to becoming an advocate is to become educated about the issue. 

  • Read newspapers for varying points of view
  • Contact local community agencies for their background information
  • Visit websites such as the League of Women Voters and others
  • Talk to family, friends and colleagues about your point of view
  • Contact your legislators who can make a definitive difference

Contacting your (local and national) legislators DOES make a difference!

  • Develop a clear message about your issue.
  • Target your message to key elected officials and legislators.

Methods of Contact

  • Personal conversation
  • Telephone
  • Form letter
  • E-mail
  • Personal letter

Personal Letter
Personal, thoughtful, well-written letters have a significant impact on lawmakers, especially when the letters are from their constituents.  When writing your legislator remember to:

  • Tell them that you are a constituent (that you live in their district, you belong to their party, or that you voted for them)
  • Tell them the issue/bill number
  • Explain the local impact

Be clear about the action you want them to take (support/oppose the bill, etc.)




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