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Contact Your Legislator

The JCRC works to educate the Jewish community and to encourage its active participation to address local, state and national issues of importance to the Jewish community agenda.

Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a might stream – Amos 5:24

Become an Advocate
We are obligated to work toward justice for all by advocating for those without a strong voice.

Contacting your (local and national) legislators DOES make a difference.

  1. Get a clear message about your issue.
  2. Target your message to key elected officials and legislators.

Methods of Contact

  1. Personal conversation
  2. Telephone
  3. Form letter
  4. E-mail
  5. Personal letter
  6. Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

Personal, thoughtful, well-written letters have a significant impact on lawmakers, especially when the letters are from their constituents. Here are the four most important things to remember when writing elected officials:

  • Tell them you’re a constituent (that you live in their district).
  • Tell them the issue (when the Legislature is not in session) or the bill number and subject (when the Legislature is in session).
  • Explain the local impact.
  • Be clear about the action you want them to take (support/oppose the bill, etc.).

To find your legislators; go to

Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis | 12 Millstone Campus Dr. | St. Louis, MO 63146 | 314-442-3871 |