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JCRC Opposes SB 224-Thanks Gov. Nixon for Veto

SB 224, which passed in the Missouri General Assembly during the 2015 legislative session, would deny certain state scholarships to immigrant students who are not citizens or legal permanent residents. As such, it would discriminate against young people who arrived in the U.S. as children of undocumented immigrants and also would discriminate against children are who in the U.S. lawfully but not yet legal permanent citizens (such as political asylees and victims of international human trafficking). JCRC submitted testimony against SB 224 and urged Governor Nixon to veto this harmful bill. Gov. Nixon did veto the in July of 2015. JCRC will work to ensure that the veto is not overriden during the September 2015 legislative veto session.

As a reflection of our history, and based upon the biblical imperative to welcome the stranger, the American Jewish Community has long advocated for fair and just immigration and refugee policies.

Our American-Jewish values necessitate confronting difficult immigration challenges facing our country and our community. It is within this context that the JCRC supports an equitable immigration policy that protects the human rights of all newcomers and the civil liberties of every U.S. resident.  Our current immigration system is broken and must be addressed at the federal level.  We therefore oppose a legislative response to this issue on the stateor locallevel. Additionally we oppose any legislation, which is centered on enforcement only, thereby endangering human rights and civil liberties.

  • More than 12 million immigrants are in the United States without legal papers, joined by an estimated 300,000 each year, coming to work and/or to join family members.
  • While congress has provided a comprehensive system for the admission of immigrants, the punishment of immigration violations, and penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens, the process of entry is difficult and governed by outdated immigration laws, andenforcement is subject tounpredictable immigration bureaucracy.
  • What our immigration system provides has serious consequences not only for immigrants but also for the country as a whole.
See the most recent JCRC resolution on Immigration Reform here
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